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I T Systems

marbil IT can design, implement, commission and support a new IT system to meet your organisational requirements. Whether it is a standalone PC or a full Microsoft Server-based environment, we can help.

We will liaise with you and recommend what we consider to be the most appropriate systems to accommodate your needs and budget. We are able to source almost all IT-related products and with no alliances with particular vendors, we can recommend the best products to suit you and your business needs.

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On-site Support

Should it not be possible to resolve a problem via e-mail or telephone, our On-site Support option means that an engineer can be available, on-site, within a target response time of 8 working hours.

If we determine that a hardware problem has occurred, we will come out and make every effort to resolve the problem on-site. If it cannot be resolved, we will provide a replacement PC (subject to availability) and configure it in line with your needs, in order to avoid user down-time.

The faulty PC will be dealt with appropriately. If the PC is still under warranty we will liaise, on your behalf, with the supplier to secure a repair. If the warranty has run out, we will take the PC back to base to diagnose the problem. You will then be informed of what parts are required to repair the PC and you will only be billed for the cost of the replacement parts.

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Remote Support

marbil IT can offer a remote support option, which means that we can connect to your systems using state-of-the-art security, incorporating end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption, and remotely control your servers and desktop PCs. This means that we can perform authorised user maintenance tasks, check how up-to-date your anti-virus software is on all your workstations, check if your backups have run as well as many other system administration tasks. We can also arrange installation and configuration for you if your IT infrastructure is unsuitable.

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Attacks from the internet are always a risk and firewalls are used to protect your network of computers from those attacks. Firewalls should be considered very seriously if your IT systems are permanently connected to the internet. More protection is provided even if a dial-up connection is used. marbil IT can supply and install both software and hardware firewall solutions although hardware-based solutions are preferable for added security. Also, as we do not resell particular vendor’s products, we are able to recommend the products most suitable for your needs.

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Internet Services

If you are not already connected to the internet, marbil IT can help you get connected. If you are connected but your current connection fails to meet your needs, we can enable you to make the switch to something more suitable.

Rather than sell you a particular solution, we will help you to select and configure the best connection in line with your needs, whether it is dial-up or ADSL. We can also include domain name registration to provide your organisation with its own domain name to enable you to have unlimited e-mail addresses.

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Remote Access

Should you wish any of your employees to connect to your business systems when working off-site, we can set up secure connections to your office using VPN (Virtual Private Networking) technologies.

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Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephony Systems

An IP Phone System uses IP technology within your data network, the same technology as your computers use to talk to each other which means the handsets don’t necessarily have to be in the same office, you can in fact have handsets anywhere in the world and they will still be part of the same system. For example, you could have a home worker with a handset connected to their broadband and they can make/receive calls exactly the same as if they were sitting in the office with all the same benefits such as voicemail, call forwarding, transferring, call waiting, ring groups etc.

While the technology may sound complicated, in essence it is much more straightforward than your traditional analogue/hybrid telephone system. It is more feature-rich and scalable, even if you don’t currently use a telephone system and only have a single BT line in your premises, an IP Phone System can significantly increase your productivity as well as saving you money immediately.

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Structured Cabling

Please call us on 01302 638192 / 07903 804361 or email for further information.

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